Business Coaching Works offer a number of different services designed to address challenges, improve business results and pioneer new levels of growth.
Choose from the services below or we can tailor a package to meet your needs.

One on One Coaching Program

One on One Coaching
One Off Sessions

Strategic Business Plan

Management Plan

Vision, Mission & Value Proposition Workshop

Strategic Marketing Plan


One on One Coaching Program

This is a six-month coaching program with hour long, weekly sessions aimed at owners of businesses that are ready for the next stage of growth. The program includes:

  • Goal setting
  • Weekly one on one coaching sessions (25 virtual sessions in total)
  • Accountability towards goals between sessions.

One on One Coaching - One Off Sessions

These hour-long coaching sessions will discuss strategies to help address issues, from organisational and operational issues to clients and marketing. These sessions are especially for business owners who are struggling to meet specific goals and need a bit of extra input.

  • This is a one off, hour long one on one virtual coaching session to discuss issues you are facing in your business. You’ll leave with an agreed action plan of what to do next.

Strategic Business Plan

The Strategic Business Plan takes a holistic view of an organisation to review and redefine the business strategy. It is designed for business owners of established organisations who need some extra input to understand the possibilities, gain clarity about what to prioritise and develop a plan to achieve their goals and objectives.

  • The program consists of three customised, one on one virtual workshops. This includes a one full day workshop followed by two 90-minute workshops
  • Workshops include: Business Review & Analysis; Strategic Objective Establishment; Strategy Formulation; Strategy Implementation
  • Outputs include: Strategic Business Plan and Action plan to achieve goals

Management Plan

This program looks at establishing a balanced scorecard for the organisation, tracking historical results to establish benchmarks and implementing methods for ongoing measurement of results. It has been created for business owners of established organisations who want to implement data driven ways to track and manage their business results.

  • The program consists of three customised, one on one virtual half day workshops
  • Workshops include: Success Criteria Establishment; Balanced Scorecard creation & benchmarking; Ongoing Management Planning
  • Outputs include: A customised management system for your business

Vision, Mission & Value proposition Workshop

This workshop dives deep into an organisation to understand and define the potential impact it can have on the world and articulate what makes them unique. Created for business owners and leaders of established organisations who want to (re) define their market positioning.

  • The program consists of a customised, one on one virtual half day workshop
  • The workshop includes: Vision, Mission and Value Proposition Definition
  • Outputs include: A documented vision and mission statement and value proposition

Strategic Marketing Plan

A strategic marketing plan is a series of online sessions to develop a marketing strategy. It is designed for organisations that have an established business strategy but require more help with marketing.

  • The program consists of three customised, one on one virtual 90 minute workshops
  • Workshops include: Business Strategy Review; Strategic Marketing Plan; Tactical Marketing Plan.
  • Outputs include: Marketing strategy and tactical marketing plan to help achieve the marketing goals.


Mastermind groups run for a set period of time and are designed to help a specific group of people.achieve success. This can be achieved through regular group meetings with like-minded individuals, coupled with one on one coaching. The goal of each group is to:

  • Establish business objectives
  • Be supported to achieve these objectives and provide support to others
  • Gain knowledge and insight
  • Keep accountable


Rachel is a strategic, data driven business and marketing consultant and advisor. She is able to see clearly the problem at hand, and clearly articulate a vision and carefully crafted approach designed to win. She creates trust with her calmness, clear and logical thinking and dedication to overachieving the outcomes set. Rachel is quite simply an amazing leader.


Rachel is a results focused business coach.  Her thorough and systematic style matched with her professional and encouraging approach helps organisations achieve growth and success.


Rachel is proactive, committed, reliable and knowledgeable.


Rachel possesses a high level of strategic insight and creativity.

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