Private practice owners go into business because they want to make a difference.  They want to help and support their clients.  However years of juggling business management with clinical work leave practice owners feeling disillusioned.  They have hundreds of hours of unpaid work every year.  They have taken on tremendous risk, including financial.  And in spite of this, the business may barely be profitable.  The altruistic goal of making a difference is completely undermined when the practice is unsustainable and the owner is burnt out.

They understand that their mindset needs to change from clinician and group practice owner to a business leader or CEO.  They recognize that they have to work in the business less and work on the business more!

How do they do this when their expertise in in clinical work?  Business skills have typically been learned via the school of hard knocks.  It’s time to invest in developing these skills from a trained and experienced expert.

Rachel is experienced in helping owners of private practices define what success looks like to them and develop a plan to achieve this.   She holds extensive qualifications in business and leadership and has a passion for supporting private practice owners to help them achieve satisfying, sustainable and profitable business.

Rachel works collaboratively and brings in best practice business practice expertise nuanced towards marketing, operations, customer experience and management. She works in partnership with the owner’s considerable strengths and experience to support them to pivot, grow and elevate their business.

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Rachel is a strategic, data driven business and marketing consultant and advisor. She is able to see clearly the problem at hand, and clearly articulate a vision and carefully crafted approach designed to win. She creates trust with her calmness, clear and logical thinking and dedication to overachieving the outcomes set. Rachel is quite simply an amazing leader.


Rachel is a results focused business coach.  Her thorough and systematic style matched with her professional and encouraging approach helps organisations achieve growth and success.


Rachel is proactive, committed, reliable and knowledgeable.


Rachel possesses a high level of strategic insight and creativity.

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