If someone had told me this time last year what 2020 would hold, I wouldn’t have believed them. Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that schools would shut. That almost every child around the world would be home-schooled (oops, I mean “facilitated home learning”… sorry teachers!). I wouldn’t have believed that planes would stop flying and international travel would become almost impossible. I wouldn’t have fathomed that whole cities, states and countries would go into “lockdown” for weeks or even months on end.

Whilst it will take a long time for life to return to normal, I am grateful that where we live we have been spared from the worst of COVID. I am also thankful about the increasing promise of a vaccine.

As I reflect on the year, I am proud of what I have achieved. I am thankful and the way that Business Coaching Works has grown. I have been fortunate enough to help lots of organisations articulate their vision and define their business goals. To develop and optimise their business plans and navigate change. To look for new ways to grow their business and launch new products and services. It has been such an honour to support organisations to achieve success… and to know that success is possible even in these difficult times.

As we head towards the finish line of 2020, the year that no one will ever forget, I am looking forward to 2021. I know that businesses will continue to look for ways to be more successful and I am here to help.

Bring on 2021.

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