Extraordinary businesses stand out in the the market. Their ability to perform at a superior level is due to their clarity on goals and constant pursuit of excellence. They have profitable business models, game changing products and services, intelligent systems and processes. With a focus on people, they offer an exceptional customer experience. Their employees are qualified, passionate and empowered.

Extraordinary businesses often rely on a business coach to accelerate their journey to success. Business coaches use their skills and expertise to offer guidance, support and accountability. They help clarify vision, overcome challenges and drive the change that is needed to improve business results.

Meet Rachel

I am a results focused business leader with 20 years experience in helping businesses grow. I provide business coaching with expertise in the areas of strategic planning, strategic marketing, customer experience, developing people and teams and improving processes and operations.

I am passionate about helping business owners transform their business into what they have dreamt about.  I would love to help you meet your goals, achieve the growth you aspire to and become the extraordinary business you dream about.


Strategic planning and business coaching to help address challenges and elevate your business to the next level.


Quality resources to help you plan, implement and grow your business.


Expert advice on business issues and market trends.


Rachel is a strategic, data driven business and marketing consultant and advisor. She is able to see clearly the problem at hand, and clearly articulate a vision and carefully crafted approach designed to win. She creates trust with her calmness, clear and logical thinking and dedication to overachieving the outcomes set. Rachel is quite simply an amazing leader.


Rachel is a results focused business coach.  Her thorough and systematic style matched with her professional and encouraging approach helps organisations achieve growth and success.


Rachel is proactive, committed, reliable and knowledgeable.


Rachel possesses a high level of strategic insight and creativity.

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